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In areas of dense housing, a fire that starts in one property…

can quickly spread to the neighbouring homes

And while overall, domestic fires are reducing…

in most incidents, electricity is consistently the cause

The facts and figures in 2017/18…

House fire

4,523 accidental house fires in Scotland

Pie chart showing 76%

76% caused by an electrical source

Ambulance against trees

598 casualties, 9 fatalities

The main causes of domestic electrical fires…?

2,560 cooking appliance incidents

304 wiring, cabling & plug incidents

In the last year 231 fires were caused by domestic electrical white goods

- the equivalent of nearly 5 fires per week

Properties owned by Private landlords must undergo electrical safety inspections every 5 years, and will soon be required to provide Residual Current Devices (RCDs). New buildings must have RCDs

RCD switched on

But there are no measures in place for:

Social Landlords or Owner Occupiers

...who account for 84% of Scotland’s housing

RCD switched off

something needs to be done

This inconsistency could cost lives

Our ‘Inequality Street’ campaign is calling for change

For electrical safety equality in housing in Scotland

You can help to change this

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